Rodent Control

rodents control

These pests range in size and it’s hard to know when they’re around. One thing is certain, however – if you enter your home with these guys lurking about then there will be an incident sooner or later! This is the sign when we need an professional and effective rodent control service.


Why are Rodent Control is Important?

Rodents can trigger allergies, serious diseases and transmit food-borne illness such as salmonella. Furthermore, mice are capable of dropping up to 25000 fecal pellets each year – an estimated 70 times per day! Therefore prevention through prompt pest control will keep your family safe from rodents that carry so many diseases with them.


Why Choose us?

We’re professionals who take pride in providing you with quality pest control services in Thrissur, Kerala. We provide innovative services to promote safety, health & environment in our approach towards pest control.


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